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Training on DND’s Interactive Voice Response system is easy. In today’s environment almost everyone has already interfaced with such a system for banking, support services and the like. DND also greatly reduces your field staff’s time to document. On average DND clients can document the start of visit call, the end of visit call, and other data, such as mileage traveled, services performed, etc. in under two minutes total time.

DND can be set up so that employers know that the start call and end call, establishing visit duration, were made from a known location, thus creating a verifiable time and attendance feature for field staff. The DND system is flexible and designed to allow customers to tailor what would be collected on visit calls. The following is just an example of what could be collected instantaneously from the field.

This demonstrates a typical call for an end of visit where the field staff is hearing a broadcast announcement from the main office and documents an end visit with only a single service performed at the site of the visit.


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