Accurate Time & Attendance

With DND you have multiple methods for Electronic Visit Verification (EVV), which allows you to know that the right caregiver is with the right patient at the right time.

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Landline & Mobile Phone Verification

DND employs the long standing method of visit verification utilizing caller ID from a patient’s phone.

Biometric Voice Verification

DND utilizes a state-of-the-art voice verification system that verifies the real-time presence of a caregiver with a patient.

The Validator™

(Fixed Point Verification)

The DND Validator™ provides true time and attendance verification when a client’s phone is unavailable. The Validator™ is a secure and reliable method for verifying a caregiver is at a client location.

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Using The Validator™ is simple.
1) Press the button to display the unique code. 2) Call the toll-free documentation line. 3) Enter the code when prompted.

Quick Installation

The Validator™ can easily be secured using the provided proprietary screw or mounting straps. Installation can be completed
in only a few minutes.

Customer Approved

The Validator™ is in use in thousands of locations verifying when and where documentation is occurring when other means of visit verification are unavailable.

Near Field Communication (NFC) & Bluetooth

For caregivers using the DND mobile web app, time and attendance can easily be verified at a client location that has an active DND NFC/Bluetooth tag. If using an Android device, verify attendance using NFC technology. If using an iOS device, verify attendance using Bluetooth technology. The ease of use and accuracy of NFC and Bluetooth technology makes it an ideal choice for “proof of presences” for home care.


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